What are summer high schools all about?

Summer high schools, taking place all through the summer, are intensive and informal alternatives for regular school education. You find these alternative schools in all parts of Finland, most of them located in beautiful unspoiled surroundings of folk high schools.

Summer high schools are full-time courses for 15 to 18 year old high school students. In addition to full room and board, a wide range of extracurricular activities together with excursions are included in the course package. Using learner-oriented methods, summer high schools offer a non-traditional approach to the learning process. Students are encouraged to take active part in the process and thus make the most of their study period.

Intensive study periods ranging from one to two weeks enable the student to:

  • revise and supplement basic high school courses
  • compensate high school courses included in the curriculum
  • explore new arts and crafts
  • try out new hobbies
  • gain personal experience of intercultural learning

To learn foreign languages, we use role-plays, dramatisations, and conversations with students from different countries who are also there to participate in our courses. Professionals in different fields teach arts and crafts. We shall continue our interaction and exchange of ideas during free time: we will have excursions, discuss current topics such as moral philosophy or the uniting Europe, all of this being led by specialists in each field. And, of course, we shall sit around the campfire, swim and enjoy the sauna and the Finnish summer.

The application period for summer high schools held in Finland close in May-June. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Summer High School Association toimisto@kesalukioseura.fi or +358 9 68 60 770.

If you have any special subjects, hobbies or themes of interest in mind, please, write us about them, so we can make you a personal recommendation for a summer high school.